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    We moved from Raki Raki to LeVuka; Mum and Dad; and 6 siblings in 1945 and Dad operated a drapery cum Tailor shop where the Whale’s Tooth Restaurant is sitauated and moved to where Kims Café now stands in 1946. Iwas then 5 years old and the premises was built around 1874 and housed Fiji’s first Bank, “Bank of of NEW SOUTH WALES” which after about 8-10 years shifted to Suva the new Capital. Dad traded as NAROTAM & CO. After the collapse of the copra trade the family moved to NADI, Fiji. Presently I understand “Westpac Bank” has reopened in the same premises.


    Most of my family was known as Luvei (Children of) Mr Narotam though his real name was Maneklal Malarao and he wa brother of Mr Narotam Malarao who had a similar business in Nadi, Fiji. and the business was a partnership of the 2 brothers. Before we settled in the premises it was known as R>Dayabhai & Sons who restablished in Labasa Town. On the left side of the Café was the drapery shop of R. Damodar and it exists to this day. We kids went to Sacred Heart School (now Marist Convent) and all the land till recently was owened and leased by this Catholic Organiztion.

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